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Adult Business Directory


Portland Erotisphere currently has the most complete listing of Portland's erotic adult businesses available on the web. If you notice anything that needs to be added or updated, please contact us.

Strip_Club_30Strip Clubs

You may have heard Portland has a ridiculous number of strip clubs. The rumors are absolutely true. You'll find these clubs scattered throughout the city and the surrounding areas, and in Oregon you won't be seeing any pasties or thongs. Now that's what we call freedom of expression!


Video_Store_30Adult Stores

Adult businesses provide a wide array products, services, and entertainment, including, but not limited to adult DVD rentals/sales, sex enhancement products, and preview booths.


Lingerie_Modeling_30Lingerie Modeling

Commonly referred to as "jack shacks," if you're looking for something discreet, the models at these places promise they won't tell anyone what you did with that towel.


Movie_Theatre_30Porn Theaters

Porn theaters are set up like regular big-screen movie theaters, except instead of buying a ticket to see a specific show at a specific time, you pay for a temporary membership to a private adult club where porn is playing. Patrons are free to express themselves in virtually any way they please, as long as they're respectful of others. The movies are rarely the main attraction.


Swinger_Club_30Swingers Clubs

There are two swingers clubs in Portland. Membership is required at these clubs and offered for a fee. An additional fee is generally charged for each event, although single women often get in for free. Proper attire, good hygiene, and attention to etiquette are all requirements of those engaging in the swinger lifestyle.


Bathhouse_30Gay Bathhouses

Since Club Portland closed, there's only one bathhouse left in the city, but it's a damned good one!


Gay_Club_30Gay Bars

Welcome to Portland's Gay Erotisphere! Our city's selection of gay clubs is small but diverse. Whatever you're looking for, we've got it somewhere. And hell, now that we've got a gay mayor, maybe we'll see some new gay bars popping up.


Lesbian_Club_30Lesbian Bars

Since the E-Room closed, there are presently no longer any full-time lesbian bars in Portland. There are, however, a handful of other places to meet like-minded women. Our scene is still developing - we hope to see this list expand in the future!


Head_Shop_30Head Shops

Oregon has some great pot and fairly lax laws governing its usage. That's probably why we've got such great head shops, many of which deal exclusively in locally crafted smoking supplies. Some of these shops even offer discounts for medical marijuana patients.


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