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Bathhouse_30Hawks PDX

234 SE Grand Ave.
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 946-8659
HOURS: Mon-Thu 5pm-8am,
Fri 5pm - Mon 8am
Day $5, 6 Month $15, Year $25
$13, Rooms $22 ($10/$17 Mon-Thu)
  • Open 12/30/2011
  • Steam Room
  • Dry Sauna
  • Glory Holes
  • 2 Slings
  • 3 Video Lounges
  • Students and Military $5 Locker w/ID
  • Mon-Fri 5pm-8pm Lockers $7, Rooms $15
  • Wed Black Out 8pm
  • Thu POZ Play Night
Portland's newest bathhouse is in a central location, just across the river from downtown. Opened by the same guys who own the infamous Hawks Gym in Las Vegas.



# Jon 2012-01-02 06:20
Facilities are fun here, but if they don't get the PnP, meth clientele out soon, its gonna go down fast. I hope it stays around, but 80 percent of the guys I saw the night I was there were tweaking out. It was really unfortunate because I wanted to play and have fun, but not with that sort running around. Too many drugs!
# AnDroid 2012-01-02 19:03
Thanks for the info! Sorry to hear about your experience. I have gotten the impression that this place will attract some of the same type of folks that used to hang out at Club Portland. So it seems that Steam will continue to serve a purpose.
# HAWKS PDX 2013-01-25 20:06
At the time the first comment had been posted the club had been open only a couple of days. The clientele has been cleaned up. People have been removed from the club that were problems. Every new place has to work out the kinks. We've been open a little over a year now and things are going great.
# Bun Ho 2017-08-25 08:12
Oh NONSENSE. I have been there a couple of times several months apart. They STILL have a problem with Methheads.... and Alcoholics. This club has no admission standards. They appear to let anyone in just as long gone so they have the admission fee.
# Aaron Claassen 2018-05-01 07:24
your staff was great i needed help undress because i am disabled
# Chill dude 2012-03-03 20:57
TWEAKERS EVERYWHERE!! Dont walk...., RUN from this place. Tried it 3 times just because i really wanted to like the new place in town. This place is the obvious choice for the "party n play" barebacking crowd. Of all the years ive been to steam, boring as it may be at times, ive never seen this kind of meth crowd. Maybe theres a difference in the rules or policies i dont know about? I really dont give a fuck if people are buzzed or even fucked up a bit if they can control themselves, but i had this insane tweaker following me around and pounding on my private door after i tactfully asked to be left alone. He wouldnt take no for an answer so i finally got sooo pissed and told him to fuck off and go do drugs somewhere else. That was clearly what he wanted to happen as he then got in my face, pushing his way into my room actually trying to fight. He was twitching like crazy with his eyes all bugged out and totally out of his mind.
# AnDroid 2012-03-04 17:04
That's terrible! A bathhouse is the last place you would expect the threat of violence would be an issue. I can only hope the management takes action to prevent this kind of thing from happening in the future. Steam has been good about setting clear rules from the beginning to make sure everyone is at least in a safe, relaxed environment.
# FunGuy 2012-08-30 01:45
In response to the above comments, I know that the Hawks staff has been trying ultra- hard to take steps to deal with the pnp crowd. A lot of them have been 86ed, and the staff is incredibly proactive in trying to make sure that everybody has a safe and fun time.

Steam had problems early on as well, and it took them a while to weed out problem people; Hawks is doing the same, while offering events for all types of guys that Steam ignores, giving a masculine atmosphere, and giving money to local charities.
# Milkman97223@Yahoo.c 2014-06-17 20:26
I had a great time here! I didn't see any tweakers, and the environment was clean and warm. I didn't stay long but was welcomed inside ... immediately.

I love this place!
# TallBear 2013-11-20 09:51
This is NOT a "Bath House".

It lacks the even the most minimal features of this type of facility.

There are no "baths". There is not even a single hot tub on the premises.

There are no "Rooms".
The private spaces, which cost the EARTH to rent, are incredibly small. Most of the rooms are so cramped it is impossible to lay down in them. (imagine a closet four feet by four feet with a thin pad to sit on).

Very limited public places.

The website deserves a "pants on fire" for the incredibly inaccurate depiction of what you will find here.
# Hairy guy 47 2017-01-31 14:27
I fully agree. I tried to keep my review positive, but you hit the. Ail on the head. Plus, they continue to give. His ess to drugged out people which is destroying the community. I don't judge. But people who are so wrapped up in tweak are obvious and ruin the atmosphere.
# Ronnie Hill 2014-11-17 14:10
Hawks PDX has recently changed their URL to hawkspdx.club because their old url is being hijacked to another club in Las Vegas. I also found PDX has 86'ed all the PnP, meth clientele from the club. PDX has a sexy masculine atmosphere and I got what I wanted; hot sex with hot men! Go
# AnDroid 2014-11-17 18:25
Thanks, Ronnie!
# Danny Bettin 2014-11-23 09:56
I have had a hawks membership sense almost the start and there have been many changes, I feel for the best and this place is more down to earth and not so click minded like steam! you never get all the pnp crowds as some know how to hide it and are not flanting it
# Mark Ryan 2015-03-10 15:51
Forget what all of these people are saying about tweakers. Yes, they do occur. They occur everywhere! The staff here are wonderfully friendly and I much prefer this experience over Steam Portland. The clientele have been a bit questionable at times but folks, this is a bath house and it comes with the territory. At least try it out; make your own opinion.
# bangla choti 2015-06-25 20:41
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# AnDroid 2015-06-25 21:18
Interesting point, bangla choti.
# visitors 2015-07-27 20:32
my GF and i would like to try the once a month bisexual night. can some people tell us what that night is like? what is the clientele like? many ladies? is it crazy chaotic or relaxed and mellow fun?
# Ronnie Hill 2015-07-28 13:35
Bisexual night at Hawks PDX has been popular from the start with both the ladies and gentlemen. The club has a relaxed atmosphere where you can play in a completely swing free environment.
# Uftah 2015-11-14 13:42
What is "black out" night? I am coming to town on business and wondering if this is the kind of place to check out. Are condoms readily accessible?
# HawksPDX 2015-11-18 10:27
"Lights Out Night" as it is now known, is a night when most of the club lights are turned out or turned down, creating a "darkroom" atmosphere throughout the club. It is pretty popular.
And condoms are available for free throughout the club, at multiple spots.
# Mike 2015-11-14 14:10
I stopped going because of Bi night. This should be a men only bathhouse. The owners have turned their backs on gay men and sold out.
# HAWK PDX 2015-11-14 14:11
Sorry you feel that way, Mike.
Of the 365 days of 2015, only 16 will have had BiSexual events on them, and those last for six hours only.
Put more specifically, of the 8,760 hours a year we are open, 96 of them have been BiSexual. That's 1.1%
How is that "turning our back" on gay men and selling out?
We have had an increase in men who identify as BiSexual on ALL days due to out BiSexual event, and business is GREAT!
We invite you back to enjoy the hot men who are available to you 100% of the time, or to avoid the 1.1% of the time women are also allowed in if you so choose.
# Bin Ho 2016-08-03 15:40
This is NOT a "bath house".
It lacks the minimal basic bath house features!

I can onky assume the positive reiews were written by the Owners. This place is a sh--hole. Filthy. Small cramped cubicles far tomsall to lie down in. Full of druggies and meth heads.
# Top Man 47. 2017-01-30 13:25
This is an old school bath house.
Yes, they have a Bi-Sexual night for 1 reason only; To make Money!
First and foremost that is what is most important to Hawks.
That being said I have found a few drug free bottom/vets Men at Hawks.
They also have a history of supporting the HIV community, and continue doing that. Hawks can be a warm and positive place for those who have been stigmatized by thier own community because of HIV status.
Again, Hawks want your money first; but they do try and do a few good things that cater to Bears, HIV poz people through specialty night. I hope this continues
# Dogman 2017-03-02 17:12
I went here for the first time on March 1 and found it to be very pleasant. I interacted with several men and we all had a satisfying experience.
If they don't make money they will close, and I am fine with whatever they choose to offer.
# Scorpio 2017-03-26 16:15
It's been over 3 years since I last went to Haks. I actually met someone that night .
What I like about Hawks is the enviorment was.conducive to good, fun, no bullshit sex. It wasn't stuck up.
Best night I heard was awesome and they support the POZ community which I'm apart of.
If u don't do drugs u don't really notice it. That's the case with me. I heard the clientelel is hot and full of men who like a variety of sex and are not shy about it.
My advice? Go!
# Scorpio 2017-03-26 16:20
Hawks not Haks and "Bear night I heard was fun."....fucking spell check.
# cokrider2 2017-08-02 02:41
I love this bathhouse for the staff that greats at the door. and the clean rooms and common group areas.. and the hot men and all the hard cock's Iv'e always been cum happy both anally orally
# Lily 2017-10-02 03:17
I went been to two bi-nights at Hawks in September (2017). I had a fantastic time on both occasions!

The guys were much more respectful than at most hetero swinging clubs, and much better at fucking frankly! I had a series of truly mind-blowing gangbangs (even got TP'd properly :p) and am returning next week.

For girls who like to be heavily outnumbered by guys who know what they're doing and will make you feel delightfully-used but cherished at the same time, I can't recommend Hawks' bi-nights enough.
# mickw 2017-10-18 20:05
I went sunday, it was wonderful. I had a great time The staff was curtious and treated very helpful. Took the time to explain everything. I had a great time looking and relaxing, very very clean, lots of friendly guys. Great showers, steam room, and hot sauna. Lots of places to just sit and and watch others. I found some great fellows to sit and watch porn and great conversation. No stress, no games. I havent learned how to read the body language as yet. I am very strait, but everyone there was polite to me.
I loved sunday, there were couple there making out and didnt mind a fellow watching, and a guy shared hos wife with a few fellow for enjoyment. I am looking forward to going back for sundays and tuesdays. Forgive me, but i wished there were more TV, TG, open minded females, and shemales in there.
I just cant say enough about Hawks and how wonderful of an experience it was. The price was better than reasonable, i joined for 6 months, making it such a relaxing enviorment.
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