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Bathhouse_30Steam Portland

2885 NE Sandy Blvd.
Portland, OR 97232
(503) 736-9999
HOURS: Daily 24hrs
3 Day $8, 6 Month $15, 1 Year $25
Weekday $10, Weekend $13,
Wed $7 Special
  • Steam Room
  • Spa Pool
  • Sun Deck
  • Sling Room
  • Complimentary Condoms
  • Video Lounges
  • Internet & Wi-Fi
  • Private Rooms Available for Rent
When Steam opened it provided a clean and classy alternative to downtown's Club Portland. It's much pricier, but that price includes nicer, cleaner facilities and insures there are no bums there for a cheap room. Now that Club Portland has closed, Steam is Portland's only gay bathhouse. Don't get us wrong, we loved Club Portland, but we're glad Steam is the one that's still around. Membership is required for entry. A variety of rooms are available for rent. Barebacking is not allowed in the main areas (use a fucking condom, guys).



# TallBear 2013-11-20 10:06
This is the ONLY bath House in Portland.
It does not mean, however, it is a particularly GOOD bath house....

Despite the over optimistic web site, Steam is very "Motel 6".

The rooms are incredibly small and cramped, but at least two men can lay down in them.

The facilities, such as they are, are very limited and very generic. Certainly nothing to brag about.

Staff tend to be indifferent and unfriendly - particularly to men over 30.

The place is kept reasonable clean. And
there does not appear to be a significant "meth head" presence.
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