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Devil's Point and Miss Valentine

Written by Kimbot   
Tuesday, 06 October 2009 14:41

For those of you who didn’t know it already, Devil's Point offers something wonderful, something exciting, something they like to call Stripparaoke. Now if you like to sing karaoke, and you’ve ever wanted to swing around a little on a stripper pole, Stripparaoke is the thing for you! It was at Devil's Point that I met a very friendly stripper named Valentine. At first glance she looked a little on the “trashy” side, but that was all just a part of her ensemble for the evening. She had some of her teeth blacked out, a t-shirt cut so short that the bottom of her tits were hanging out, and cut-offs cut even shorter, just to give you a little peek at the pubic hair down there. Add to that a very ratty, curly wig, mile-high hooker heels, and you’ve got Valentine. Her friendly demeanor made the whole experience even more enjoyable. First off, let me set the scene. My friend, Steph, was about to get married, and her maid of honor, Margo, was in charge of throwing her bachelorette party. Now, Margo is a little on the kinky side, and she was determined to talk Steph into letting her get some female midget strippers for the event. This idea made Steph’s skin crawl, especially the thought of having them in the house. She was adamant that she did not want that to happen. So eventually Margo caved and thought of something else. It turns out her roommate worked at Devils Point, and he suggested Stripparaoke. Margo jumped on that idea, and after the party at the house we all ended up there.

So, after arriving and witnessing a few folks singing with Valentine, we decided that it was about time for us to get our butts up on stage and sing. Of course, we had to find a song that was fitting for the occasion, so we concluded that Billie Idol’s “White Wedding” would be an obvious choice. Since I love belting out some Billie Fucking Idol, I took the main mic, and the other gals backed me up along with Valentine. We rocked it, and after a few more songs, we decided to join Valentine for another number. By the end of the night Valentine and I were so comfortable singing and dancing together on stage that we were arm in arm. I was swinging and sliding on that disgusting stripper pole, but it was oh-so-exciting. She backed me up, we danced together, and the crowd loved it! I don’t think I could have found a better backup singer. So, if you love karaoke, and you have the desire to swing around on a stripper pole, then Stripparaoke is the event for you!



# AnDroid 2009-10-06 08:53
Thanks for your submission, Kimbot! I like this story. Props to our friends at Devils Point!

I especially liked the part where Steph was creeped out by the thought of having midgets in her house. Also, Dude, midget is not the preferred nomenclature.

Let's hit Stripparaoke together sometime. First round of tequila shots are on me!
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