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Lingerie_Modeling_30Pussycats (SE Foster)

5226 SE Foster Rd.
Portland, OR 97206
(971) 279-5395
HOURS: Daily 24hrs

From their website:

"Sensual Rubdowns, shower shows, pole dancing, fetishes, S&M, poly, dominatrix, dungeons, 2-girls shows, masturbation, toy shows.

Also offer- limo service, bachelor parties, escort services, party planning and hosting including catering services

Pussycats has been voted the best adult entertainment option in Oregon the last 3 years. Also voted the best value. We offer services at upscale, strategically located establishments where clients are greeted by attractive, sophisticated models. Clients pay $50 for 30 minute shows in private rooms where customers are encouraged to join in the masturbation fun."



# Justin Credible 2011-04-22 12:18
I was out late on a Wednesday night and was drawn inside where i was greeted by a beautiful young woman named Mystique. I didnt want to tell her that I had seen many times fetured in Exotic Magazine, In my adventures I have found that most of the girls that are featured as much as her are fairly "Full of themselves" Mystique was very charming and welcoming and made me feel very at ease. Mystique led me to a well apppointed and comfortable private room where I was treated like the most important man in the world. Mystique is the kind of girl that really knows how to make you feel comfortable, from her choice of music to the sensual way that she relaxes your mind and body, as a seeker of goodtimes with good people I can tell you this my friends Wednesday night at the Foster Pussycats is the best kept secret in Portland.
# Angel Hazel 2011-08-01 10:09
You don't need these superficial things; the Lord loves you and he can fill that empty void you feel in your heart, and that you are desperately trying to fill with temporary sexual desires.
virus.virus.citybiblechurch .org/ - Please check it out, and maybe even come to a service. I am not doing this to advertise. I am doing this to convince you that Christ is alive, he is here, and we are never alone. God bless, Mr. Credible. Hope you are able to make it.
# Donkey 2012-04-28 07:37
You are not here to advertise? It would seem that the good lord has not given you the brain capacity to understand what advertise means, because that is exactly what you are doing. Go peddle your delusions somewhere else and leave these good people alone. Christ is a distraction from the beautiful amazing gift of life, thats the problem with christianity is it focuses on the meaningless tedium of irrelavent individuals talking about things they don't understand. Just look at the standard of your beliefs, the crucifix, a symbol of death. If you want enlightenment or atonement then shut the fuck up, humble yourself with the realization that you dont know whats going on anymore than the rest of us and adopt a more meaningful symbol, the yin and yang for example.
# Kenny C 2016-01-08 18:31
Thank you Donkey.....I could not have said it more accurately myself. All religions are a unfoundeed fantasy. K.C.
# Your Nightmare 2013-01-08 01:10
justin youre a dumbass get a life and get passed shit
# justin credible 2013-03-06 12:51
nightmare, why so hostile? go see mystique she will put your tension to bed
# Some Dude. 2011-11-05 17:20
So if you're so into Jesus Christ. What are you doing on this kind of website anyways? Never ceases to amaze me that you'll find religious fanatics on websites dedicated to erotic entertainment. Doing the Lord's work I suppose. Idiot.
# AnDroid 2011-11-05 17:29
Hehe, Angel Hazel's just mad because her husband spends all his time getting head at the gay bathhouse. Her "empty void" is larger and more empty than most.
# martian 2012-05-31 16:08
Met J***ie up here for my first time at a lingerie club. She was beautiful and very friendly. My only complaint is with level of activities but I guess that's how it goes. Spent a good amount of cash and ended up with what I could have "received" at home with a webcam girl. I had fun and it was a good learning experience (intro to the lingerie clubs) but I'm not sure I'll return. She was very pretty though. Better than most strippers I've ever known, and I've been around. No complaints there.
# Randell 2015-11-23 19:53
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# Kenny C 2016-01-08 18:34
Christ sakes, where did you study English???????
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