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Pantsless in Portland

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by AnDroid

Brad Pitt, Drew Barrymore, and Alicia Silverstone are In My Basement

Written by AnDroid   
Thursday, 29 April 2010 16:20

When I first moved to Portland in 2006, I couch surfed for a few months and then finally settled into the house I still live in now. Initially my bedroom was in the basement, which was creepy, dark, and dirty. There were busted window screens covered in cat piss strewn around the bare cement floor and piles of garbage stacked against the faux wood panel walls. It took a lot of hard work getting everything cleaned up to the point where it was at least livable, but one thing I've always left untouched is the 1990's celebrity collage pasted directly onto the bare drywall next to the entrance of the laundry room. Kimbot has begged me to let her paint over it (she did a mural on the adjacent wall), but something in the back of my mind keeps telling me that this odd little piece of history needs to be preserved.




# kimbot 2010-04-29 09:53
can i pleeeeease paint over it??? pretty please???
# revblk 2010-04-30 07:17
I absolutely love that wall. It is a visceral cartography of some unknown soul's puberty, and I appreciate the candid gander it gives us into their, admittedly rather unremarkable, first primal yearnings!
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