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Strip_Club_30Golden Dragon Exotic Club

324 SW 3rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97204
(503) 274-1900
HOURS: Mon-Fri 2pm-sunrise,
Sat-Sun 6pm-sunrise
This business is featured in a blog post.
  • 18+ Juice Bar
  • 1 non-alcoholic drink included with entry fee
  • Lap Dances $20/Song or 3 for $40
  • Rooms available for private dances
In March of 2010, Carnaval took over the Golden Dragon Restaurant next door. The female dancers now strip upstairs at the Golden Dragon, and male dancers strip downstairs at Carnaval.

Because it's a juice bar, the laws are a little different from 21+ strip clubs. Lap dances are the same, but it's acceptable to pleasure yourself during a private dance, much like in a lingerie modeling joint. Also this place is open until sunrise.




# blahblahblah 2015-03-30 14:50
The information here is misleading. Customers are NOT allowed to pleasure themselves during private lap dances, only during private shows in which there is no contact allowed. The moment either the customer's or dancer's privates are exposed, there is NO touching and NO lap dancing.
# blahblahblah 2015-03-30 14:54
Not to mention the other inaccuracies: number of stages, outdated info about downstairs, etc. But seriously, Casa Diablo and that skeez already have people expecting illegal shit from strip clubs here, please stop perpetuating misinformation. The girls already have to deal with enough douche bags, don't make it worse.
# AnDroid 2015-03-30 17:29
We appreciate your thoughts on this and feel much the same way. Obviously there have been changes in that building since we wrote this when the Golden Dragon opened.

The information presented on this website is meant to inform and entertain, not confuse. Most people don't know the difference between a "juice bar" and a regular strip club. As you said, customers are allowed to pleasure themselves during private shows at this club. That is certainly not the case in any 21+ strip club that serves alcohol, including Casa Diablo, which by the way has not broken any laws other than putting red ink on their $2 bills.

We said absolutely nothing about touching the dancers. We have the utmost respect for the people who work in the adult industry, many of whom are our friends, and of whom we include ourselves.

Again, thank you for your comments.
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